Obtaining documents from Russia

If you reside within the consular district of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Cape Town, which includes Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape, you may obtain documents from the Russian Federation on demand through our office.

It may take approximately 4-6 months to obtain your document from Russia. You will be notified about the result of your request examination.

1. Police clearance certificate
How to apply for the Police clearance certificate (Certificate of no criminal record) 
The applicant should bring these documents to the Consulate in person:

Application for obtaining Police clearance certificate (can be downloaded here);
• Your passport;
• Copies of your Russian visa and of the document with address in Russia (if available);

2. All other documents
To proceed with obtaining documents from Russia you should submit to the Consulate  in person the following documents:

• A personal application in Russian or in English in a plain-text form regarding obtaining a document (we recommend that you advise us your contact details -phone number or e-mail address – for contacting you if we need any more information to process your request).
• Two copies of a filled-out (in Russian) questionnaire on obtaining documents available for downloading from the bottom of this page;
• Your passport.

Please note that we accept cash only. The Consulate will not refund any fees acquired even if the documents or requested information are not found.

We do not process requests for such documents as military identifications, labor books, driver's licenses, inquiries of family status, evaluations, and personal cases from Russian institutions. We do not process requests for documents if they are not in the inquirer's name or not valid at the present time (for example, you cannot request a birth certificate of a person who is deceased or a marriage certificate of someone who is divorced).

To request duplicates of documents from educational institutions we recommend that you address your inquiries directly to those institutions.

For more information please contact us

Forms to Download:

Police Clearance Questionaire to obtain documents from Russia